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Beyond Retreats Lake Taihu-Xishan Resort Ground Breaking Ceremony

In October 2018, The Pukou District Government of Nanjing has listed Beyond Retreats Nanjing Mountain Laoshan Resort project as the highlight of government’s initiatives in 2019.

In March 2018, Beyond Retreats Lake Taihu-Xishan Resort has been officially filed into the Jiangsu Provincial Major Project Library 2018.

On December 17th 2016,HIG Tangquan international resort project signing ceremony was held in Pukou district of Nanjing. The Chairman of HIG Matthew Landau, HIG Managing Partner of China Region Ma Yuting, the Municipal Tourism Commission deputy director Huang Qin, Qu Weimin, Zheng Xiaoming, Zhao Hongbin and other officials attended the signing ceremony.

HIG Tangquan international resort is the first Forest Tourism destination which combining Science and Technology theme, the first Geek VR Theme park, and shall provide unique experience of the world’s hot Spring in China. Party secretary Qu Weimin said the relevant departments of Pukou district will fully support the project for maximum strength, maximum benefits. The project combines the vitality, fashion, origin, science and technology, health, social six elements, to create a closed holiday ecosystem, covering an area of about 1600 acres, with a total investment of $1 billion, is expected to be developed by the end of 2020. The signing of the project will create a provincial and national tourist resort of hot spring spa resort playing an important role in promoting the city.



On November 16th 2016, HIG and Taizhou Huaxin which is one of Taizhou China Medical City subordinate company signed an agreement of 3 billion industrial investment fund. This fund established by HIG and Taizhou Huaxin jointly initiated the establishment of major investment in the Taizhou Medical City infrastructure development. This investment in response to encourage private capital by way of franchising, participating in the city infrastructure has some public welfare benefits of investment and operation policy, to provide long-term financial support for the development of Medical City. At the same time HIG will also bring in the New York based pharmaceutical industry resources, introduction of internationalization, diversification the pharmaceutical industry zone investment resources.



On October 17th 2015, the 2015 Suzhou Wuzhong Taihu Lake Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair & Conference on Service for Innovation and Development of SMEs in China was held by Suzhou Government and the People’s Government of Wuzhong District, Suzhou at Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center. Mr. Matthew Landau, Chief Director, was invited.

Under the witness of the Deputy Secretary of the party of Suzhou Wuzhong District Ms Jie Jin, a 9 billion RMB contract for the investment and master development of Project The Lake’s at Xishan was signed with the representative of Suzhou Wuzhong District Ms. Xiaolan Wang, County Chief of Jinting Town Mr. Xue Ming Jin. In terms of the contract, HIG will act as the master-developer of the project to invest, develop and manage the whole project in order to create a world-class international tourism resort in China.

On September 22nd 2015, the press conference of the Silk Road International Logistics Industrial Investment Fund was hold on the 2nd China(Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo, which was initiated and established by HIG and Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd. The fund will invest in the project development and the operation of port or logistics related industry to implement the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road”.

Under the witness of the mayor of Lianyungang Mr. Xiaojing Zhao and other government leaders, a 3 billion RMB agreement of the Industrial Investment Fund was signed between the representative of HIG Mr. Xiaojun Zhang and the Chairman of the Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd Mr. Xiangyang Zhu on the press conference. In line with the agreement, two sides will jointly funded the establishment of a new fund management company which is for the daily investment management. HIG will bring resources of the international logistics port industry and financial management experience into the fund. Direct and indirect investment ways such as equity investment, short/long term loans and PPP model will be recognized into different kinds of projects of “One Belt and One Road”.

On January 16th 2015, Ms. Morgan Ma and her team were invited by Yangzhou Economic Technical Development Area (ETDA) to study the whole ETDA, and Dr. Swim Si who is the Investment Director of HIG made a lecture about the PPP business models. During the speech, Dr Si describes the policy background of the PPP mode and made a comprehensive analysis of the PPP practice. He also mentioned several successful cases done by HIG.

The meeting room was packed out when the lecture was going on. Everybody who was attending the meeting had a clear understand about the nature of the PPP mode and made quite warm discussion on it. The leader of ETDA said that the lecture had very strong practicability, pertinence and guidance. He also expressed a strong desire to make a long team strategic cooperation with HIG by use of the PPP business.


On October 30th 2014, the signing ceremony for attracting investment of Zhenjiang culture industry was held by the local government of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. Ms Morgan Ma, the HIG Managing Partner of greater China was invited to attend the meeting. Ms. Morgan introduced the promotion project for the listing work of the first culture enterprise of Zhenjiang and the upcoming cooperation with the Zhenjiang Culture Group to Xiaoming Zhu ,who is the mayor of Zhenjiang .Mayor Zhu expressed her heartfelt thanks to Ms Morgan for the long-term supporting of the development of Zhenjiang cultural industry.

Under the witness of the Deputy Mayor, Lihong Cao and the other city leaders, a new strategic cooperation agreement(2 billion RMB valued) signed between HIG and the Zhenjiang Culture Group.



May 23rd 2014: Deputy secretary of Yangzhou Economic Technical Development Area(ETDA) Mr. Chengbin Gu together with his colleagues visited the HIG Shanghai office. Ms. Morgan Ma introduce the background of HIG including the company history and development strategy. Mr. Gu introduced us the long-term planning of the Yangzhou ETDA. On the meeting, both parties made extensive communications on infrastructure development, indemnificatory housing development, environmental protection projects and IPO for domestic & overseas corporation with the ETDA.

Under the witness of both teams, a new strategic cooperation agreement signed between HIG and Yangzhou ETDA.

Mar 26th 2014: HIG held together with Zhenjiang Local Government a counseling & training course on IPO of local cultural corporations, so that, they could grow stronger and larger supported by capital market. The Vice-Minister of propaganda department of municipal Party committee, Jinaguo Bao chaired the meeting and the Deputy Mayor, Lihong Cao & the Aassistant Secretary General, Jinsheng Zhu attended the meeting.

Morgan Ma introduced the background of HIG and the latest situation of combination between the overseas culture and the financial market at the meeting, which got the uncommon in repercussion.



Oct, 2013: Senior executive staffs from HIG US came to China to communicate with the Chinese Governments’ officials for Suzhou Taihu Xishan project. Both sides exchanged views on investment willingness and cooperation conditions and so on, has successfully completed the trip, and agreed that further investment to implement as soon as possible.

Apr, 2013: HIG signed non-binding agreements with Government of Wuzhong District of Suzhou for Taihu Xishan project.

July, 2012: HIG signed a cooperation agreement with one company in Jiangsu, using of combination of limited partnership funds and trust funds to invest in cultural tourism real estate projects. The fund size will be $320 million RMB. This investment not only in line with the government cultural revitalization incentives, but also contribute to the upgrading of the local cultural attractions.

Jun 5th, 2012: HIG is evaluating a new real estate deal in New York to see any chances to invest in a Hotel Inn. Meanwhile, we continue to search for new Chinese investors interested in U.S. investments..

Apr 27th, 2012: HIG signed an agreement with Liuhe Government to create one of China’s premier lakefront resorts, the estimated total investment will be $800 million. The project will Include a Waterfront Music Plaza, solar-powered yacht club, Equestrian Training Club, Wedding Chapel, Jasmine Green House Garden and a Villa-Style Hotel and Spa.